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Charity and donating part of one’s property to the poor are among the most important injunctions of Islam. In 2011, to organize and coordinate this activity, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the European Part of Russia (now the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation) created the ZAKYAT Charitable Foundation, designed to collect and distribute funds from obligatory Muslim alms – zakat, as well as other voluntary donations from citizens for the foundation’s charitable programs .


These wonderful people are doing their best


Adzhiev Suleiman

General Director of the Zakat Foundation

Lutfiya Enikeeva

Financial Director

Gulsem Gafurova

Chief Accountant

Ildar Voynov

Head of Charity Events

Evgenia Gorlova

Head of Marketing Department

Liliya Karimova

Reception Specialist

Ahmadulin Marat

Head of Citizens Reception Department

Akhmad Zobnin

Head of Fundraising Department


We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who donated any material assistance to charity to the Zakat Foundation, including in the form of food or things. You are an example of the highest virtue that underlies any rational society. For the manifestation of free help and sincerity before the Lord of the worlds, He rewards much more.
Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and greet him) said: “Forgive the mistakes and mistakes of a generous man! Truly, the Lord takes him by the hand whenever he stumbles.”

Refugee orphans

from Palestine and Syria in camps in Lebanon, are under the care of the Zakat Charitable Foundation.


seriously ill people whom we, together with you, helped.

Tons of meat

sacrificial animals (Kurban), sent to low-income families in Africa and Russia.


were fed, clothed, sent home, during the entire period of the Zakat Foundation’s activities.


Today there are about 210 million orphans in the world… The Zakat Charitable Foundation and the Takaful Charitable Foundation announce an action to save orphans among refugees from Palestine and Syria…


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    Ildar Voynov

    Head of the volunteer movement

    “The goodness of those who spend their wealth in the way of God is like a seed from which seven ears grow, each with a hundred seeds. The Almighty doubles for those whom He wishes. The Lord is All-Comprehensive and All-Knowing” Holy Quran, 2:261  

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