Social and educational activities

programm-2Purpose: assistance in the organization and conduct of social and educational activities.

Program description:
 Joint work with the Department of Social and Philanthropic Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church of Muslims, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims in Moscow, Muslim communities and organizations of Russia, the Russian Tatar National Cultural Association (maybe the Russian National Public Television and Radio Company) in organizing social and educational activities is aimed at providing their full support in financial, spiritual, moral, social and other plans.

Participation in social and educational activities:

Mawlid al-Nabi — this acquaintance with the greatest Person of the whole history of mankind, God’s messenger Muhammad, may God bless and greet him. Where there are people who love and respect him, a reminder of blessings in the form of zakat, the charitable activities of the Zakat Foundation are very important and relevant.

Moscow Halal Expo — a unique platform for meetings of representatives of Russian and foreign companies of the Halal industry, conducting business presentations, training seminars and round tables, sharing experiences in the production, standardization and certification of Halal products, the opportunity to declare itself internationally, establish business ties with domestic and foreign partners.

Moscow Sabantuy — one of the main traditional national holidays of the peoples of the Volga region, where thousands of people flock from all areas of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as Russian regions. Accordingly, it is possible to inform many people about the charitable activities of the Zakat Foundation and to draw their attention to the issues and problems of Muslims in Russia.

International Contest of Koran Readers — acquaints all comers not only with the art of reading divine verses from the Koran, but also with the cultural heritage of Muslim peoples that has been formed for many hundreds of years. For twelve years, the capital of Russia, accepts the Koran experts coming from various points of our planet in order to take part in the contest, thus allowing the multimillion-dollar Muslim ummah of Russia to once again imbue with God’s testament, sounded by the best readers.


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