Fidya – Sadaka refers to the type of Muslim alms that is paid for missed fasting days in the Holy month of Ramadan. It is a mistake to believe that any person can compensate forthe non-observance of fasting with the payment of this charity.

All adults and physically healthy Muslims, who are not travelers or sick, are required to observe fasting, the abandonment of which is a grave sin and disobedience to Allah
Almighty. Every missed day of fasting should be reimbursed only by fasting.

Phdya Sadaka is paid:

1) on behalf of the deceased, who left duty at the post;
2) on behalf of a chronically ill person who is not allowed to fast on medical grounds;
3) from women who give birth every two to three years and feed them with their mother’s milk. In the opinion of some respected Muslim scholars, it will be enough for them to
pay the “sidaka-fidya” without replacing the missed days of fasting with fasting.

In the presence of the above circumstances, for each missed day of the fast, you should pay a sadaqa equal to the cost of one-time meals (better – the average daily food costs), which is about 150 rubles per day (for 2017), and for a month (29 days) – 4500 rubles . These foundations, according to the canonical prescriptions of Islam, should be purposefully used for the organization of nutrition for needy Muslims.

Every day, the Zakyat Charitable Foundation of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Russian Federation organizes Ifta races for the needy and disadvantaged in the
Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

Donation via phone

You can also send SMS with the word “ZAKYAT” ( SPACE ) and the DONATION AMOUNT * (in digits **) to the short number 3434.

мегафон MTS beeline tele2 SMS sending example
* Acceptable amount of donations from 10 to 15 000 rubles. Commission from the subscriber – 0% .
** If the number is indicated in words or the message will contain only the text, the amount of the donation will be automatically considered 100 rubles .

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“The goodness of those who spend their wealth in the way of God is like a seed from which seven ears grow, each with a hundred seeds. The Almighty doubles for those whom He wishes. The Lord is All-Comprehensive and All-Knowing” Holy Quran, 2:261  

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