Sadaka (Alms)

Any good deed is charity (a smile, a good word, the maintenance of kinship, the exaltation of the Almighty, the call for good, the retention of the harmful …)

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School for Refugees
Children of Yemen
Sadaka (alms)
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Send an SMS with the word “ZAKYAT” (space) and the DONATION AMOUNT * (in digits **) to the short number 3434

You can also send SMS with the word “FID’YA” (or “FID’YA”) to the space and the DONATION AMOUNT * (in digits **) to the short number 3434

Fitr Sadaka (payable in the month of Ramadan from each family member) can also be paid from the phone by sending an SMS to short number 3434 with the word:
– “FITR 100” (or “FITR 100”) – for low-income families,
– “FITR 300” (or “FITR 300”) – for families with an average income,
– “FITR” (or “FITR”) space and any amount from 500 rubles – for wealthy families.

мегафон  MTS   beeline   tele2   пример отправки смс
* Acceptable amount of donations from 10 to 15 000 rubles. Commission from the subscriber – 0%.
** If the number is indicated in words or the message will contain only text,
the amount of the donation will be automatically considered 100 rubles.

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