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Program “Tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim”

Purpose: to assist poor families and those in need of distributing meat of sacrificial animals during the holidays of Kurban-Bayram (Eid al-Adha).



The Month of Mercy (Ramadan)

Purpose: holding charitable iftars (razgoneny) in the Holy month of fasting – Ramadan, on the territory of mosques in Moscow and the region.


The program “Contribution to Education and Science”

Purpose: to provide material assistance in training poor students, to organize educational and educational competitions among students of madrassas.

The program “Nobody is forgotten – nothing is forgotten”

Purpose: to provide assistance to veterans and disabled people (including participants in the Great Patriotic War), help in organizing the cleaning of cemeteries.

The program “Supporting Muslim Communities”

Purpose: to assist the Muslim communities of Russia in the construction of mosques and educational institutions, their maintenance and improvement, the holding of events.

Program “Chance to correct”

Purpose: to provide assistance to prisoners who have repented of their deeds, potentially close to repentance, and who have embarked on the path of correction.

“Social and educational activities”

Purpose: to assist in the organization and conduct of social and educational activities.

The program “To our children is warm”

Purpose: to provide assistance and assistance to orphanages in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia.

The program “Feed the Disadvantaged”

The purpose: the organization of meals for the needy and disadvantaged, including at the expense of the funds transferred as Fidya-Sadaka and Nyazir.

The program “Assistance to refugees”

The goal: to help families and orphans, refugees from Syria and Palestine, together with the Takaful charitable foundation.

The program “Love your neighbor”

Purpose: to provide assistance to those in need who are in a difficult financial situation.


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Участвуйте вместе с нами в благом!

«Благодеяние тех, кто тратит свои богатства на пути Бога, подобно семени, из которого произрастает семь колосьев, на каждом из
них — по сто семян. Всевышний удваивает тем, кому пожелает. Господь Всеобъемлющ и Всезнающ»

Священный Коран, 2:261


Адрес: 129090, Москва,
Выползов пер., 7, стр. 1
Часы работы: 10:00 – 19:00.
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