Tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim

programm-8Purpose: assistance to low-income families and needy in the form of meat distribution during the holidays of Kurban-Bayram.

Program description:
 Kurban-Bayram is a holiday of approach when believing Muslims of the whole world strive to be spiritually closer with their neighbors and surrounding people, showing benevolence, mercy and mutual respect. Especially revered attention to those who are deprived of human heat, as well as to the sick and the elderly. The distribution of meat of sacrificial animals in the days of Kurban-bairam is especially important for poor families and those in need, as many of them can not always afford to have meat products on the table because of financial problems. Such help for them becomes quite appreciable.

The organization of holiday treats in cafes and restaurants in Moscow and the Moscow region will bring a festive mood to the poor residents of the city in the days of Kurban Bairam, which will certainly serve to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between people, to create a sense of unity and collectivism, regardless of their national or religious affiliation.


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O Allah, help us to be grateful to You!
O All-seeing, remove us from our sins!
O Lord, bless us to do good deeds!
O Empowering, feed and bestow upon the needy Your help and protection!
O Almighty, through Kurban make us closer to You!

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