The chance of correction

programm-9Purpose: оказание помощи заключенным, раскаявшимся в содеянном, потенциально близким к раскаянию, а также вставшим на путь исправления.

Program description: 
The opening and maintenance of prayer rooms is aimed at reviving and supporting spiritual and moral values ​​among people in prisons, providing them with freedom of religion, performing ceremonies and rites, organizing and conducting the teaching of the basics of Islamic sciences, and creating the proper moral and psychological atmosphere , contributing to the formation of a full-fledged law-abiding personality of our society.

Conducting religious ceremonies and rituals, teaching the basics of Islam: prayer, Friday and festive khutbas, lectures, lessons, and festivities. These events contribute to strengthening the unity of believers in God, increase the level of responsibility for the deeds committed, strengthen discipline, form a healthy psycho-emotional background, promote spiritual enrichment and support public order.

The help of religious literature and paraphernalia helps both in independent spiritual enlightenment and in classes in the group with the imam, expands opportunities for acquiring spiritual knowledge, attaches to universal values, promotes the proper performance of religious rites and observance of religious postulates.

The Zakat Foundation: “Give a ray of hope to the stumbled”


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