Contribution to education and science

Purpose: providing material assistance and assistance in teaching low-income students, organizing educational and educational competitions and olympiads among pupils of maktabs and madrassas.

Program description: 
The material help to students will help them to direct all their energy and energy to getting knowledge, minimizes anxiety and stress due to financial problems, and also motivates to achieve high success, resulting in receiving scholarships and bonuses. Accordingly, we must expect a qualitative growth of the future highly educated generation, which in the modern world is one of the priority directions of the development of any state or society.

The promotion of educational and educational centers is aimed at the arrangement of premises that provide the opportunity for effective student training, various public, religious and educational activities.

Participation in competitions and olympiads, oriented to advanced pedagogical experience and modern methods, will increase the desire of pupils of maktabs and madrassas to innovate, develop a sense of collectivism and responsibility. And the encouragement of the best of them, with the awarding of gifts and prizes, will support interest in acquiring knowledge and their constant improvement.

The Zakat Foundation: “Invest in the future of the cultural and moral constituent society”


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